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Deadly Cramps

These cramps are killing me. Last night have to wake up S as I was getting double with pain. He did accupressure for an hour and then was finally able to go back to sleep. Thanks for him being so co-operative, as I disturb his sleep a lot


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little tummy is here

Now that am in 20th week, have a little tummy now. People can make out now am expecting 🙂

Now am having leg cramps and sometimes get up midnight with those cramps, have ankle pain too but this is joy of pregnancy

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I am always with some mood changes and then never know on what thing am gonna cry, even small little things make me cry, some sad scene in tv serial, or S helping me in work. I never knew am going to behave so badly. Am in my 17th week now, Morning sickness has almost disappeared now feeling more tired than usual. Things go worse in night cause sometimes unable to find good position to lay down and then frequent trips to loo make me more irritating and that too now winters have almost started.

Sometimes even have bad headache whole night which is driving me crazy.

But good thing is now am able to feel my baby move although little bit but S can listen to sounds coming from inside and keeps on telling me, that is really enjoyable, am just waiting to feel first kick, don’t know how long is that going to occur.

Soon am having another appointment with midwife, wherein this time she will let me listen to baby’s heartbeat am just looking forward for that

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