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Anomaly Scan

Had my 20 weeks abnomaly scan on 13th Nov, 2007… I was very scared before having the scan. Was so nervous that couldn’t gather courage to be there, All I wanted to hear was “Everything is normal”. Yup got to listen these words and then onlyΒ  I was back to my self. It was great experience to see baby yawning inside. Oh so cute.. baby was yawning and sucking thumb. Loved seeing that and wished the scan is never over and I can watch whats happening inside whole day.

Wanted to know baby’s gender but baby didn’t wanted to reveal and wanted us to keep in mystery. Nurse tried but was in vein.. So now Me and S both will have to keep guessing till End πŸ˜€


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21st week…. Baby movements

Oh yes I can feel baby moving inside…. be it anywhere a party, watching TV, sitting or lying.. I can feel a sudden soft jerk as if baby comes and knocks me … say’s hiya mumma and just rush away πŸ™‚

Mostly it is during late evenings while watching tv, am sitting in a relaxing position and then my concentration is less on TV and more on whats going inside.. I keep on telling S and he will too try to feel it, sometimes lucky enough to experience the jerk. I think he is jealous now as I have the oppurtunity of the same πŸ™‚

But still he can listen to the heart beat which I cannot .. so guess we are even.

Now that we have to go back to India am little scared of travelling… hopefully everything will go right.

have to take appointment from GP tomorow and then have a scan on 13th on which it all depends now… so pray to God be with us and our baby all the time

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