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25 weeks checkup

Just came back from my 25th week checkup with midwife, she checked all the reports and listened to babies heart beat.. I too loved listening heart beat

She said all fine 🙂

These days baby responding to S voice, as soon as he says baby in loud voice I feel kick 😉 seems baby to eager to come out and meet us


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Reading Habit in Kids

I read few tips on reading habits and thought of putting it here for my own future reference.

Make Reading Fun :

  • Read with plenty of enthusiasm!
  • Invent voices for the different characters and encourage your child to repeat catchy phrases or fill in words with you
  • Let your child hold the book, touch the pictures or turn the pages.

Read in different places

  • As well as at bedtime, try reading during bathtime.
  • Maybe you can find a ‘Secret reading place’
  • But remeber there is no better place for your child then your own lap to provide security and confidence

Praise your child’s efforts to read

  • Even the youngest children like to pretend they are reading.
  • Encourage and praise them while you are reading together

Have a regular time for reading

  • Whatever time suits you best, it’s important that reading becomes part of your child’s daily routine.

Have a ‘special’ place for books in your child’s room

  • Children love choosing their favourite books from their own shelves in their room.

All these tips will help to give your child a lifelong love of reading- plus reading together will be enjoyable for both you and your child.

Now am waiting eagerly to try all these once I have my baby in my lap…

Got so many plans and dreams for betu, want to read you lots and lots of stories, want to sing lullabies to you, get you so many dresses and toys, want to listen mama from you, S too is waiting for the day when you will come and touch with your little hands, when you will say him pa for first time..

Waiting eagerly 🙂

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