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31 Weeks

Now that am in 31 weeks waiting eagerly for baby to come,,,it’s really difficult to pass time and wait. Longing for the big day to come. We have shifted back to India and settled now in hyderabad. Initally it was difficult as it became so stress ful to travel all the way from UK to India>>Delhi>>Jaipur and finally to Hyderabad. I was unable to even move from bed, whole body was aching so badly and was really worried about baby. The moment we got the fetal well being scan and nurse told everything is all fine I was back to myself  Setting up house from scratch was really difficult, thankfully am lucky to have wonderful in-laws who made it easy and helped a lot. Now that everything is in control just it is wait for the day to come..

These days lot of changes have occured with me and am actually unable to recognize myself in mirror. Am having a big recognizable bump, most funny is to see baby moving, I can see my kiddo moving as my bump moves along sometimes when baby is in kicking mode, baby becomes happy as soon as I have my meals and becomes active. Baby responds to S voice and tap on tummy and he loves playing hide and seek with baby, moving his hand somewhere and waiting for baby to kick at that spot.

We both are waiting for the day when little bundle of joy will be given in our hands, when we will cudle our cutie pie and I’ll put baby in my bossom.

Oh what a moment it will be for us

love u baby


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