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Step Further…

Dated: 12 Sept, 2007

Finally I saw first glimpse of my baby, a feeling beyond explanation. All I remember is me and S in tears at the first glimpse. We wanted to see her moving for more time but scan time was limited only. I was having a mixed bag of feeling, not knowing which was more at time, Nervousness, Excitement, Anxiety… God Knows what.

She asked me to lay down and when she started scan all feelings left and I was there looking straight at screen at a tiny life existence inside my own body, saw her moving legs and hands and rotating inside, all I wanted at that time was to listen just one sentense from nurse that every thing is normal and I came back to life as soon as I heard her uttering this.

Both of us were so overwhelmed with the feeling of joy that we both wanted to cry out aloud….

Now looking forward to my next meeting with mid-wife in oct and next scan will be in nov now


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