Deadly Cramps

These cramps are killing me. Last night have to wake up S as I was getting double with pain. He did accupressure for an hour and then was finally able to go back to sleep. Thanks for him being so co-operative, as I disturb his sleep a lot


little tummy is here

Now that am in 20th week, have a little tummy now. People can make out now am expecting 🙂

Now am having leg cramps and sometimes get up midnight with those cramps, have ankle pain too but this is joy of pregnancy

Emotional Changes

I am always with some mood changes and then never know on what thing am gonna cry, even small little things make me cry, some sad scene in tv serial, or S helping me in work. I never knew am going to behave so badly. Am in my 17th week now, Morning sickness has almost disappeared now feeling more tired than usual. Things go worse in night cause sometimes unable to find good position to lay down and then frequent trips to loo make me more irritating and that too now winters have almost started.

Sometimes even have bad headache whole night which is driving me crazy.

But good thing is now am able to feel my baby move although little bit but S can listen to sounds coming from inside and keeps on telling me, that is really enjoyable, am just waiting to feel first kick, don’t know how long is that going to occur.

Soon am having another appointment with midwife, wherein this time she will let me listen to baby’s heartbeat am just looking forward for that



I think am becoming more and more passionate about chocolates. Guess baby got a sweet tooth 😀

Step Further…

Dated: 12 Sept, 2007

Finally I saw first glimpse of my baby, a feeling beyond explanation. All I remember is me and S in tears at the first glimpse. We wanted to see her moving for more time but scan time was limited only. I was having a mixed bag of feeling, not knowing which was more at time, Nervousness, Excitement, Anxiety… God Knows what.

She asked me to lay down and when she started scan all feelings left and I was there looking straight at screen at a tiny life existence inside my own body, saw her moving legs and hands and rotating inside, all I wanted at that time was to listen just one sentense from nurse that every thing is normal and I came back to life as soon as I heard her uttering this.

Both of us were so overwhelmed with the feeling of joy that we both wanted to cry out aloud….

Now looking forward to my next meeting with mid-wife in oct and next scan will be in nov now

Journey …..

cutebaby.jpgThis is going to be my journal or say day to day encounter as I move ahead in my pregnancy. Today am in 10th week and am going to write my journey from discovery till week 10.

Dated: 16th Aug, 2007

I was having mood shifts, feeling very dull and low, didn’t know what was happening to me, felt like crying, S (my hubby) came and asked me whats the matter….. said dunno, am not feeling good, don’t feel like eating anything, and hate to enter in kitchen, entering the kitchen is giving me nausea feeling, he said let’s go to doctor. I said fine but first I’ll do the test as am having doubt, brought the home pregnancy test on 18th august,

Dated: 19th August, 2007.

Time: 6 a.m.

I woke up S and told him am about to take test, here come appears the blue line and I said am pregnant before even seeing the second line, am still having that home test with me. he waited till the second line appear and both of us saw each other with tear filled eyes, hugged for long, we waited this moment to come for so long and finally it was here.

Dated: 20th August, 2007

Went to Knigs George Surgery to get out NHS registration done, as we have shifted to UK just a month back, didn’t knew what are the rules and regulations here. Submitted papers but were not allowed to see doctor as we were not registered.

Dated: 21st August, 2007

Went back to surgery, asked for private assessment then, doctor confirmed us to be positive, and given us midwife appointment. She told us we can expect our baby by 24th March, 2008.

After few days got our NHS registration numbers and meanwhile I started getting morning sickness, sometimes headache in morning. I feel tired soon and cannot stand for longer time while cooking in kitchen. S is helping me a lot these days and he is trying to cope with my mood changes, he quite patiently listens to me and even when I start crying for nothing he makes me feel better.Then came the day to meet midwife:

Dated: 28th August, 2007

Time: 9a.m.

That time I was 10 weeks preg. She made us filled so many forms, checked my BP, told us it’s normal, checked my weight and BMI and said it to be healty, took urine sample and some blood samples to do tests and told us if we don’t hear from them soon , means everything is normal in report. She asked us to make appointment for our first scan at hospital, which I did and got an appointment for my 12th week i.e. 12th september.

We do a lot of pseudo talks regarding baby and baby’s upbringing. Both of us has also come up with names and both we want are twins, so keep praying that we have twins, a baby girl and a baby boy….. so waiting eagerly for the first scan where in doctor is going to reveal whether am carrying twins or not, but seriously we both wish to have twins.

These days I haven’t join any organization and don’t wish to join till baby is of 6 months. Although have taken up some freelancing work which I keep doing from home. Had we not shifted to a new country and I was still continuing my previous job then I might not have thought of leaving till 7th month but now to start totally afresh in new country , in the new environment is very difficult, although sometimes I start feeling bored up and wished I could join back some firm but  it seems very difficult now, as when I see myself getting up with great difficulties in morning, although am fine rest of the day, but still feel very tired all the time and less interested towards household chores, so keep doing them slowly with trying to finish up my freelancing project.

Apart from these when we both retire to bed, our sole talk revolves around babies only  with wish to have twins, where in sometimes we think our baby girl going to be a naughty lot and baby boy going to be sober, sometimes we think other way around.

We think of our future life with them , with their pranks and giggles, with house ful of their friends coming and helping them doing their school assignments…. oh man life going to be different, totally different.

We even marked 24th march 2008 in our calander……. wish it comes soon